Snow Management Systems for Your Home

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Snowfall can be unpredictable and cause more problems than you might realize. Fortunately, you can prepare your home for snow this winter with Ice Melt and Engineered Snow Retention System installation services. D&J Roofing, LLC will help you keep your home protected from snow in West Valley City, UT.

Our heat trace and snow retention system services include:

Heat tape installation: This manages snow and ice build-up on your roof, gutters and downspouts.
Heat automation system installation: This can help you save huge money on your energy and electric bills.
Engineered Snow Retention System installation: This stifles the snow until it can safely leave your roof, preventing rooftop snow avalanches.

Our team can install Ice Melt and Engineered Snow Retention Systems for residential and commercial purposes. We've installed countless systems for home and even ski resorts.

Keep your property prepared and protected for the winter. Call 801-680-0764 to get a free estimate on an Ice Melt and Engineered Snow Retention System installation service now.

The benefits of engineered snow retention

The benefits of engineered snow retention

When snow and ice pile up on your roof it can be a dangerous situation. Installing engineered snow retention can protect your home and the longevity of your roof. Here are some benefits of installing engineered snow retention:

They not only protect your roof and home, but also people from injury should snow or ice fall from your roof.
They help snow melt before coming off your roof, preventing it from forming into ice and scaring your roof.
They help you avoid liability as a business owner, preventing snow or ice from falling and harming a guest.

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